Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Reporter in Ambridge

Well, there are significant developments in Ambridge with Alan and Usha (for the background see posts under Ambridge) . A reporter from the local newspaper is prowling around trying to get a story. Originally, he got no response from the people he approached who thought it was none of anyone’s business. But now he has spoken to Susan, the wife of the new Church warden, who has been prepared to talk and give her opinion - anonymously, of course. When asked, she voices her opposition to the marriage saying that she thinks it inappropriate for a Hindu to be a Vicar’s wife. The reporter, whose name ironically happens to be Ross, is clearly very pleased.

You can imagine the headlines that there will be to this story!

This is all too believable. Reporters have to get a story and, despite our protestations to the contrary, we all like reading these sort of human interest stories. Sadly, for those involved, it is no fun at all. When I came here the schools my Church were associated with were regularly in the press and for all the wrong reasons. Some people like seeing their name in the newspapers, I can't say I much enjoyed seeing mine and my goal in the first year here was to get the Schools out of the press.

Anyway, Alan and Usha are fictional so it can't hurt them, but many people are living with this sort of attention in real life. Maybe we can spare them a thought and a prayer.

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