Saturday, April 19, 2008

An Announcement at the AGM

Well it's now out in the open. Alan and Usha have announced their engagement (see previous blogs under Ambridge for an explanation of the background). One man apparently walked out of the AGM, but he is not a character we actually ever hear in the programme. Susan, who is married to one of the new churchwardens disapproves, while Neil, her husband, doesn't see the problem. Many inside and outside the church are very happy for them though. What we are all waiting to hear is how Shula, the other churchwarden reacts. Susan suggests she is not happy.

Susan makes for me the quote of the episode. Speaking to Neil she explains that 'when you marry a Vicar, you marry the congregation'!

At the moment the way the scriptwriters are writing it, the impression being given is that anyone who disapproves is a narrow-minded, racist bigot, which is how I imagine most of the writers would think in real life!

It will be interesting to see how they write Shula who is a character at the heart of the programme. They did a good job with the family reaction earlier. They managed to capture the disapproval without making those who disapproved sound stupid. Maybe we'll find out on Sunday!

Oh perhaps I should mention that Shula a few years ago had an affair with Usha's then partner breaking up Usha's relationship. There is certainly plenty of material for the writers to work on!

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