Friday, March 14, 2008


All the Primary schools in Hong Kong have been closed because of a flu epidemic except, as a report shows today, there isn't a flu epidemic or anything like it. It was case of over-reaction. Not that I am necessarily complaining. I think kids have to spend too much time at school as it is and I realize how much time school work takes up for me when I don't have to do it! With Holy Week coming up and schools originally going on right up until Easter, I will have a lot more time.

Some of this extra time will be spent writing five radio talks that I have record next week. I will post them on here. They will be broadcast in April so I am going to give them an Easter theme.

Tonight is the first night I will have had in for a week. I intend to have as relaxed an evening as I can, I hope you all have a good one as well!

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