Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Annual General Meeting

Today is the day of my Church's Annual General Meeting. I can't help worrying! It's not that I am aware of anything to worry about, it's just that Church AGMs have some unpleasant memories for me. Or rather two in particular have from my time in the UK. Like today, I had thought there was nothing to worry about and was quite relaxed. Everything was going fine until we reached 'Any Other Business' and then on both occasions someone chose the moment to launch an attack on me personally.

Now AGMs are meant to be about the airing of views, but I can't help but feel that personal issues should be discussed personally and privately first! Anyway on these two occasions they weren't and they have left me a bit wary of what might come up. I am hopeful that the AGM this year will be a positive one as there is much to be positive about!

It is also the one at which it will be officially announced that my contract is being renewed here by mutual agreement for a further four years! It would be nice if there weren't any nasty surprises. I'll let you know!

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