Sunday, November 12, 2006


I don't normally post on Sundays, but Winnie and I have been shopping. I know you are not supposed to do that on Sundays, but we all do, don't we? We had been out for lunch and we were near the shops, and I still like bookshops. I know some of you emerging types think bookshops really passe, but I am older than many of you and remember the old days. Anyway, I came across a book that many of you may have seen already, so forgive me if you have, but I have not seen it in Hong Kong before. It is, The Culture of the Europeans: 1800 to the Present, by Donald Sassoon. It looks fascinating. Winnie said that probably Father Christmas will bring it for me. If you haven't seen it, take a look and consider it for your Christmas reading.

I will give it a review here when I have finished it. Given its size that will be some time off!

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