Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sad News

Many of you will have seen in the news that a well-known and prominent leader of a huge evangelical church in America has found himself in a 'gay sex scandal'. The pastor is Ted Haggard. I personally share the cynicism of those who question why this was made public now by the male prostitute who allegedly was involved with Ted Haggard. I suspect there is much more to this.

But I would like to join with those like Andrew Jones (on who, while not always agreeing with Ted Haggard, suggest that the only truly Christian response is to pray for him, for his wife, and for his children. This is the time to see the beam in our own eye and not the speck in our brother's.

Tomorrow, at my church, we celebrate All Saints. Perhaps we ought also to have a day in the Church's calendar when we celebrate All Sinners for all of us who believe in Christ are both.

Pray for our brother, Ted, a saint and sinner: as you are, as I am, and as All Saints are.

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