Monday, September 18, 2006

The Pope Regrets - Personally

It seems a simple statement of regret was not enough. The Pope had to make it personally for all to see and hear. And even now some are saying it did not go far enough. One thing is certain: the Pope must really regret having said what he did, irrespective of whether what he said is true and irrespective of whether he believes it or not. He says he doesn't.

The incredible thing is that Islam did spread by the sword, in part at least, so not only free speech, but also historical truth are being suppressed. We even have the spectacle of people protesting against a suggestion that Islam used violence to further its aims by burning Christian churches in the West Bank.

Have Christians also been guilty of violence in the past? Yes! The difference is we admit it. And, hopefully, are ashamed of it. We certainly are constantly reminded of it!

It was unnecessary for the Pope to say what he did at the University of Regensburg. But statements of regret should not suggest that it is wrong to tell the truth or to express an opinion. That really would be a cause of regret.

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