Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's Saturday before our big event tomorrow for the Feast of Christ the King: our Patronal Festival, or, as I try to explain in our School Assemblies, our birthday celebration!

Christ Church was founded 76 years ago and has always been a Church rooted in the local community, while, at the same time, always open to people living in Hong Kong from abroad.

As you will know, I am very proud to be the Vicar of Christ Church, Kowloon Tong, while accepting the challenges it brings.  (See previous blogs!)

Nowadays, we are ethnically about 80% Chinese and 20% people from overseas (including me!)  In the past, our ex-pats would have been predominantly from the UK, as would befit a British Colony, but now, thankfully, our expats are from all over the world.  On a Sunday, we have people from Australia, Canada, the Philippines, the USA - and, of course, the UK - and many other places besides!  For me, we are living out what it means to be 'one body in Christ'.

The 'Feast of Christ the King' is much like a wedding: masses of preparations beforehand and then it is all over so quickly.  There is no point trying to explain: you either get it or you don't!  Our Bishop is coming and we will be: Confirming new members; Celebrating the Church's foundation; and having a Communal Banquet.

On the day itself, we begin with a Eucharist at 8.00am followed by the Confirmation Eucharist at 10.00am.  The Confirmation is taken by our Bishop.  Afterwards, we invite everyone back to the Vicarage for lunch!

The Banquet is on a 'bring and share basis'.  People are genuinley very generous!  Nevertheless, while most are happy to contribute, some need a little encouragement!

Anyway, we are a bit worried at the moment.

One year we had rain.  We coped.  This year the temperature has fallen.  It's not cold, but it is cooler.  It will be up the Obervatory tell us tomorrow.  But people the world over worry about the weather ...

I said it was like planning for a wedding!

Anyway, we are working hard to make sure everything goes well.

I will tell you next week whether it did or not.

Have a great Sunday wherever you are!

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