Sunday, January 07, 2007


I am sorry, I had hoped to post the next blog in the series today, but it is taking longer to write than I had expected.

I would like, however, in the gap, to recommned a book by Simon Chan that I have been reading. It is entitled, Liturgical Theology, and is published by IVP Academic. It is really stimulating. It is hard to find anything that is original at the moment, especially from an evangelical publisher, but this is. I really do recommend it.

We celebrated Epiphany here at Christ Church today. Afterwards, we threw out our family Christmas tree. Back to normal now. I am already looking looking forward to Christmas, 2007! I know all the purists say it's Easter that matters, and, theologically, I understand, but I still love Christmas.

Have a good new year in the meantime!

And remember this coming year, let's make sure our cards are Christian Christmas cards!

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