Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's Saturday, and I can't believe I have at last the time to sit down to write.

I was asked this week why I didn't want to go to various Christian conferences, clergy meetings and special services.  (Not true, BTW: I just happen to limit them to a few hundred a year).  The answer I wanted to give was: 'Because I have a life and a ministry'.  Although, hopefully, I managed something better and kinder than that.

But really, do we need all these conferences and special services?  Don't get me wrong.  If someone wants to organize something and then take their chances on people turning up because it sounds interesting and exciting, I am very happy.

But what happens in the Church is that people (normally, clergy) organize meetings, services, whatever, and then tell people they have a duty to turn up.

Well I, at least, am on the payroll, and so there is the 'it's your duty argument', but what about families where both partners are working and where attending means having to sit through, let's face it, very boring meetings?  It just means that their kids are being neglected and deprived and their marriages put at risk.

I keep hearing that the Church believes in the family, wants to support marriages, and disapproves of divorce.  So what do we do to offer support?  We organize a conference, meeting, or service that takes people away from their families.

So we believe in the family, do we?  Really?  Then let's instead organize a movement to protest against unnecessary gatherings, services, and un-needed meetings in our churches.

Just say, No!

I volunteer to Chair the first meeting - oops!

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