Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cheerful Giving

I am a big fan of Google.  

I have a gmail address, use Google search as my default search engine, and even use Chome as my web-browser.  I think Google is innovative and energetic, and hope they continue as they have started - after all, they are still a comparatively young company.

I was, however, more than a little amused by this statement on their official blog:

'We stand behind the commitment made in 2004 to devote 1% of Google's equity and profits to philanthropy, and we will continue to iterate on our philanthropic model to make sure our resources have the greatest possible impact for good.'

Here at Christ Church, we, like most Churches, are having to take on board that there is a financial crisis at the moment.  One thing we are also clear on is that we stand behind our commiment, made several years ago, to 'devote' twelve and a half per cent of our income to what Google describes as 'philanthropy'.  Income note, not profit!

Sorry guys, 1 per cent doesn't cut it!

In the present crisis, we need more 'philanthropy' not less.

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