Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Following Up

You will have gathered from my previous post that I was very upset not only because of the nature of the offensive comments that the BBC broadcast on the radio programme the Newsquiz on May 25, but also by the arrogance of their response - or lack of it. They point blank refused to discuss it, let alone apologize.

I did ask if there was any other way I could complain. They just ignored the question. I now discover that complaints can also be made to Ofcom, an official body. I have sent them a complaint.

I have never complained before and only wanted to make the point that there have to be self-imposed limits to comedy in a decent society. The comedians concerned would despise anyone making jokes about race. If it is right to respect race, which it is, then we should respect religion as well. The people at organisations such as the BBC in the UK need to realize this and they will only realize it if those of us who feel this way complain in a reasonable way.

I will let you know how this goes. Given the way my complaint has been handled so far, I am not overly optimistic.

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