Monday, May 21, 2007

Rained Off?

At Christ Church, we have two morning services, the first at 8.00am and the second at 10.00am. Yesterday it was raining very heavily, so heavily that I got soaked just walking the short distance from the Vicarage to Church. Despite the terrible weather, the congregation at 8.00am was completely normal in size. At 10.00am, however, it was at least one third down. I don’t quite know what this shows, but it is interesting, nevertheless.

My sermon at 10.00am was on the conversion of the Philippian gaoler and his question, What must I do to be saved? (The sermon is available in audio form on the Christ Church website so I won’t repeat it here). The question itself, somehow, sounds very old-fashioned. It shows how our way of understanding the Gospel is somewhat different to how it was understood in the past. I am not sure even us Christians think we need saving. Perhaps if we did, people wouldn’t stay away from Church because it is raining!

Anyway, the rainy season is well and truly upon us, and it looks like being wet for the rest of the week. Maybe it will encourage me, too, to stay in and write my blog!

Have a good week!

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