Monday, February 05, 2007

New Book by Emerging Church Leaders

Zondervan have an interesting sample of a new book on the Emerging Church. It is written by some of the leaders of the movement with each of their responses to what the other writes. The sample is by Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church in Seattle.


It includes this quote:

'Whereas speculation is the human attempt to comprehend God, revelation is God’s communication to humanity with clarity that is otherwise impossible. The object of that revelation is the sixty-six books of Scripture.'

I agree with much that Mark has to say, and I have to say that he is much more effective than I am in communicating with popular culture, but this would be at the heart of my disagreement with him. Surely the object of God's revelation is Christ, not the Bible. This does not mean that the Bible is unimportant, not at all, but that the role of the Bible is to witness to Christ and to help us understand him more.

I think this is more than a difference in emphasis. Maybe Mark and the others tackle it elsewhere in the book. I shall get it and see!

Happy Monday! I will post again tomorrow.

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