Friday, December 08, 2006

It’s Friday!

Another week passes by! I have the Guides and Brownies Christmas service to take today. The first of many such services!

I am reading Malcolm Muggeridge’s autobiography, Chronicles of Wasted Time, at the moment. It has recently been reissued. I have always liked Muggeridge’s writing, especially the way he pricks the balloons of pretension. Hopefully, I will manage another post tomorrow. Here is a quote from Muggeridge to think about ahead of the weekend. He is writing about meeting his future wife Kitty, but it perhaps has more far-reaching theological implications.

‘The things that really happen to one, I have found, have all happened already; the other happenings – like wars, and seductions, and prizes, and going to the moon – are theatre merely…. It is this sense, in all the true – as distinct from the theatrical - drama of our lives, that it is pre-ordained, that it not only has been and will be, but is, that makes us know we are immortal …. All our true living has already happened, and will go on happening for ever; all our true relationships already exist when we make them, and can never be broken. So, you take someone’s hand, and use a name, perhaps embrace, before a hand has even been offered, or a name been given, before you have even looked in one another’s faces, because that hand, that name, that embrace are part of both; part, as Donne puts it, of the atomies of which we grow – souls whom no change can invade.’ (page 88-89)

Have a good weekend!

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