Monday, August 28, 2006

Well, after a reasonable start my blogging rather stopped. But now everything is getting going again after the summer, I think it is worth having another go!

I imagine it is the same with everyone's church, but here in Christ Church numbers really do fall over the summer, then when the schools come back everything starts up again with a venegeance. It is good to have a bit of a break from the constant round of meetings, but it can be a bit of an effort to get going again.

Especially when so much of what we do in the Church does not really seem to be that important. I was sitting at a meeting the other day thinking why on earth am I here. The answer to be truthful was to make up numbers. So many of our meetings are for meetings sake; becuase we feel we should have them. They don't actually achieve anything and nothing much would be very different if we did not have them.

I am determined to try and say, 'No!' more this year and concentrate on being productive rather than simply busy. I can't say I am confident of success but I am going to try.

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